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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Crossfire - Weiner on Cowards

On Crossfire Friday we had Carville (brilliant man, won’t back down at all. Ya gotta love that.) Novak (a man who’s name sounds like a Star Trek Villain), Charlie Black (A Preprogrammed Republican automaton strategist, just read the transcript and you’ll see) and Congressman Anthony Weiner (who’s name is, at the very least, very unfortunate)

We’ll take up the conversation with Sybok NOvak

NOVAK: Congressman, I just wonder. Just as a straight political question, do you think -- Senator John Glenn was interviewed on CNN today. And he suggested -- he hinted that perhaps Senator Kerry made a mistake in bringing up the question of his war record, which is highly questionable. Do you think, as a fellow candidate, Senator Kerry made a mistake both in bringing it up and then not in reacting fast enough?

WEINER: Let me just see if I understand the question.

Was it a mistake at the convention where he was made the candidate and introduced to the country to talk about the fact that he was a war hero and have people testify to that, especially when juxtaposed against the cowards Cheney and Bush, who did not serve?

NOVAK: Cowards? You call them cowards?


WEINER: Yes, I think that was exactly the right thing to have said, exactly the right thing.
Novak then pulls out the military card to change the direction of the discussion and Wiener then resorts to sarcasm, but it is here he missed the opportunity to craft the next attack.
And how could he miss it - he was prepared for the talking point earlier in the fight:

WEINER: …He miscalculated how many more people in poverty. He miscalculated the events in Iraq, which he freely admits…
Once the “coward” was out of the bag Weiner needed to hit it with a stick lest it not jump up and bite us all in the ass.

The talkback at Novak should have been

It’s not simply about Bush and Cheney not serving Bob,
Bush is has continued to act cowardly.

Cowardly in the way he has dealt with the poor.
Cowardly in his actions towards minorities.
Cowardly in his refusal and subsequent embrace of the 911 commission.
Cowardly in his refusal to testify alone in front of the commission.
Cowardly in his failure to fund No Child Left Behind.
A Cowardly policy of Preemptive War against any "perceived" enemy.

And Cowardly spent 7 minutes fiddling with "My Pet Goat" whilst New York burned.

Shall I continue? Both you and I know the list is quite long.
Or will you defend your Presidents record, his decisions and his actions.

At this point Novak’s head would have exploded.